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Mixed martial art is one of the toughest and most physical sports to compete in. Team Synergy in Gainesville, Florida offer professional training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for both adults and children. The teacher provides the students with the tools they need to learn this art form and the necessary skills to do so. The lessons are customized to the abilities of the students and their body type. While teaching these skills the staff is dedicated to keeping the activities fun and interesting so the students will be excited and want to learn more skills.
The adult classes at this jiu-jitsu facility will focus on the different skill levels of both men and women. The program offers a course to learn basic skills, and intermediate level to practice these skills, and a black belt level for those with advanced skill. There is a combination of skills training and hands on training for these different levels. Like other forms of marital arts as the student advances they get a different stripe of their belt to show their skill level.
The jiu-jutsu classes for children divide them into groups by age level. There is a class for four to six year olds and another class for those ages seven to thirteen. Each course focuses not only on skill training but basic life skills as well. In addition to physical training the children are learning how to respect their opponent and elders as well. They are being taught the value of hard work and are held to high behavioral standards. This course focuses on both physical and emotional well being. In this course the students learn self defense and what to do in a situation that may seem dangerous. This form is marital arts is actually less violent then other styles of combat.
A person can try a course before they commit to this facility. The Team Synergy’s mma gainesville¬†school is offering a free two week trail for children to try out jitsu and registration fee is current one dollar. A person can also try a class free of charge. The first forty people to sign up get an additional bonus. With these offers now is the perfect time to get into shape with mixed martial arts.

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What mouthguard is good for MMA training/sparring?

I’m trying to find a good mouth guard for mma training. I’ve used those worthless boil-and-bites but they never fit right and and I slobber like a baby when I use them. Suggestions?

Everyone uses the boil and bite ones. In fact I didn’t know there was another type besides those and the real high end custom ones.

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